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Submission Guide

Paper Proposals

Proposals for papers should include a title and abstract (300 words) and the thematic section that the paper addresses. Proposals should be submitted by registering on the Ireland India Institute website here, deadline 4 November 2019. We especially encourage papers from underrepresented groups including Dalit and minority perspectives. Proposals that do not specify a thematic section will not be included.

Panel proposals

We also invite panels. The Panel proposal should be submitted by one of the four panellists, and should not be more than 300 words in addition to this each individual paper proposals (title, Author(s) and 300 word abstract) should be uploaded as an attachment. If any of the presenters wish to apply for a bursary, then the individual bursary applications should be made separately following the guidelines below

Travel Bursaries

The organisers hope to be able to offer a number of bursaries to support the participation of doctoral students from South Asia. To apply for a travel bursary, please attach a 300-word justification statement, explaining why you believe you are a suitable candidate for a bursary. The bursary will only be awarded as reimbursements after the conference. Participants have to arrange for their own travel and accommodation.

Registration Fee (Student): €20

Registration Fee (All Others): €50