Institute Overview

Our Mission

The Ireland India Institute, the national Institute at Dublin City University, aims to support collaboration in education, research and knowledge exchange between Ireland and contemporary India. Building on DCU’s track record in research and academic collaboration with India, the Institute will provide practical support for collaboration through initiatives such as the Ireland India Institute Research Fund, Ireland India Institute Scholarships and a Seminar Series.

Ireland and India

India and Ireland have political and cultural affinities and the two states have forged mutually supportive links. The aim of the Ireland India Institute is to build on these historic links and to develop a greater cultural awareness of India in Ireland. It will be forward looking, positioning itself as a knowledge transfer hub, to encourage mutually beneficial collaboration between academic, private sector, and cultural organisations in Ireland and India. Currently, there is an insufficient understanding of the “universe” of research on India in Ireland. To address this, the Institute will develop collaborative and cross-disciplinary research between DCU and Indian universities and also provide a platform to publicise both existing research on India in DCU and collaborative research projects. Its primary purpose will be to act as a knowledge exchange hub that will link DCU and Indian academics and to encourage the emergence of joint DCU/India projects across all University faculties.