Dr Mohd. Tahir Ganie

Dr Mohd Tahir Ganie just finished his PhD under the supervision of Prof John Doyle. His research looks, from the frame analytical perspective, at Kashmiri youth narratives in the post-2008 period.  Before joining Dublin City University in 2014, he did his masters from the International University of Japan (Niigata) in International Peace Studies. During 2010-2012, he also worked as a correspondent and feature writer for Kashmir’s largest English daily Greater Kashmir. Tahir is a regular contributor to newspaper and magazines, his articles have been published in The Japan Times, Caravan, Express Tribune, and Kashmir-based publications. He was part of the organising committee for the First Post-Graduate Conference on South Asia which was held at Dublin City University’s All Hallows Campus on 26 June 2017.





Selected Publications

Yes She Can! (The Caravan Magazine: 01 April 2016)


The Problem with Vande Mataram and Hindu Nationalism (The Express Tribune: 25 March 2016)


Hard Questions for the New Year (Kindle Magazine: 06 January 2016)

Hard Questions for the New Year

Perpetual Threat to Our Survival (The Japan Times: 23 Oct 2013)