Dr Markus Pauli

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 Dr Markus Pauli is Lecturer in Political Science in the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University. He teaches modules on Public Policy Analysis and the Politics of Climate Change. Dr Pauli has held positions in the Political Science Department at the National University of SingaporeYale-NUS , Singapore Management University, and Heidelberg University, Germany.

His current research focuses on the political economy of decarbonization in Europe and India. He uses experimental research methods to study international perceptions of global governance mechanisms. His earlier research projects focused on financial inclusion, microfinance and sustainable development in India as well as global food value chains in Southeast Asia.

Markus currently holds a Rising Talent Fellowship at Dublin City University. He previously had scholarships from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Cluster of Excellence ‘Asia and Europe in a Global Context’Heidelberg University, where he was rewarded his PhD. Dr Pauli studied at the Free University, Berlin and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


He has co-authored work on India´s socio-economic development, democracy, citizenship, and human security. Other publications focus on financial inclusion and collaborative governance for the Sustainable Development Goals.