Seminar Lecture by Prof. Jakub Zajaczkowski on ‘India’s Security Policy and New International Order in Asia’

Professor Jakub Zajaczkowski , an Assistant Professor in the Institute of International Relations from the University of Warsaw, delivered an exhilarating lecture on ‘India’s Security Policy and New International Order in Asia’ in the Glasnevin campus of the Dublin City University on the 13th of October 2017. The lecture, organised by the Ireland India Institute, traced India’s security policies and its global presence from the 1980s to 2017. Professor Zajaczkowski hi lighted the growing maritime power of India, therefore indicating a higher Indo-Pacific presence of the nation. He contented that India’s security policy has moved beyond South Asia, especially because of its greater dependance on maritime rather than continental engagements. Professor Jakub concluded with a critique of the growing but exiguous assertiveness of India’s policies. The lecture was especially enlightening because of its methodological pursuit and the history that his work traces helps in understanding India’s presence in the context of global security policies.